Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Halloween Story Contest: Found

Have a spooky or creepy story stuck in your head waiting to get out? How about something scary or freaky that happened to you that you can't explain and you've just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell? Well, now is the time, this is your chance! The Haunted Halloween Story Contest is hosted by Jessica @ Confessions of a Bookaholic There will be some great prizes so here are the rules:
  • Entries:
  • The scary stories can be fiction or nonfiction
  • The story must have a title.
  • Stories must be at least 300 words and not to exceed 600 words.
  • Stories must be posted on your site/blog so people can vote.

Sounds fun right? So here is my story and cover..... I tried...Lol



"Hello my love." Came a horribly familiar voice. I slowly turned around and there he was. My worst nightmare. The last time I saw him he was covered in my blood. My knees felt week and I didn't know if I had the strength to keep them study. He smiled that same dark smile that he had the day he tried to kill me. I thought I had escaped, I thought it was over. As he reached for my hand I knew it would be soon. "How I have missed you." He said as our hands met. I felt a tingle run up my arm as he touched me. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, everything that I had worked for, to get past the memory of him was gone. All there was in the world was him and his hand upon mine. I couldn’t bring myself to run or to scream. I was lost in his murderous eyes. As he led me to the ally behind the coffee shop, every thing that had happened two years ago came flooding back into my mind. Every touch, every time his blade cut into me. I was terrified and still I did nothing. I was tired of running, tired of the nightmares, tired of what my life had become. He led me down the ally, toward a black car that was parked next to an old rusty dumpster. As he let go of my hand to reach into his pocket I knew I had to run, had to get away from him, but still I stood there… helpless. Who was this girl? Was I the girl who just give up all hope. To just give in and let him take me once again. As he pulled out a key from his pocket I knew if there ever was a chance for escape, this was it. As he lifted the key to the car door, taking his eyes off me for a fraction of a second, I spun around and ran. I knew that all I had to do was make it to the street. Find someone, anyone and I would be safe. I kept my eyes on the street lights ahead, focusing on the cars driving past. 50 more feet, 40...35, I was almost there. In the next second I was flying toward the ground, my palms hit first. Glass digging into my skin, my knees scraping against the cold asphalt. I felt the weight of his body on top of me and the pressure of his knife plunging into my side. I looked into his eyes and I knew this was it. My fight was over. I was over.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Steph i've got an award for you here

Short Tales from a Waffle said...

Okay, you get me intrigued. I love it.

Unknown said...

Umm....More please? LOL. So when will your book be published? :D

Belinda said...

Hey I liked this. What a neat story!
I think I might look a little more into this contest. ooooh how exciting.

I actually came by to TAG you. It's an international activity that gives you an opportunity to get to know people. If you're ok with it click on my name below and it'll take you to the post with the info.

GREAT story :) The Bookish Snob

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