Monday, December 13, 2010

WOW Thats a low price!

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to share with you some of my weekly findings. I was out doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I was at Big Lots. I came across these two books and they were both marked for $3.. I thought wow thats a great price. So when I got to the register they rang it up and guess what... both of them were only 54 cents... can you believe it. two hard cover books (that I had on my wish list) and I got them both for $1.08. Pretty awesome huh! Do you have a Big Lots near you? You should check it out, maybe you can find a super awesome book too for only 54 cents!


YA Book Queen said...

54 cents!! Wow, that's an awesome deal!

A.J. said...

Whoa. o_o Looks like I'm going to Big Lots!

Small Review said...

Wow, that's an amazing deal! Thanks for the heads up and congrats on your find!

Lisa_Gibson said...

Oh my gosh, I'll be sure to look next time I'm there. Thanks!
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Pisinat said...

Wooow... That's a great deal !!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Big Lots is awesome for inexpensive books! I try and visit once a month just for books.

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