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Author Spotlight: Lani Woodland

Look who stopped by:
Lani Woodland
author of
1) Could you tell us a bit about yourself.

Lani: I’m a book addict. Seriously, I have a close relationship with both my county and city librarians, and the clerk at my local B&N. I’m also a wife, mother and lover of chocolate.

2) What was the inspiration for Intrinsical?

Lani: I got the idea for Intrinsical when I visited the Queen Mary almost a decade ago. The first class swimming pool on that ship is creepy and rumored to be haunted! The story idea I came up with there is a lot different than the novel now but the seedling of the story, the whole overall theme of the book came from there.

3) Were there any personal experiences that went in to writing Intrinsical?

Lani: Well I grew up in Corona and that is where the story takes place. I was on the cross-country team and we played tag in the orange groves. My older brother passed away while I was in high school and one of my best friends went to a boarding school. I don’t know if I stole a lot of events from my past but I think they did help inspire some aspects of the story.

4) Do you plan to have Intrinsical as a stand alone novel or a series?

Lani: I originally planned to write Intrinsical to be a stand-alone book but that has changed; there is going to be a sequel. That book is still in the storyboarding phase.

5) Is Yara and Brent's characters based on anyone. What was your inspiration for creating them.

Lani: Yara wasn’t based on anyone specifically. I didn’t think Brent was either. I originally gave the Brent character my brother’s name and I thought that was it. But when I was reading over the story I realized I totally channeled my brother’s dry sense of humor. So he wasn’t based on my brother but he ended up being a lot like him.

6) What do you plan on doing in the future?

Lani: I have many more stories to write. I plan on writing, taking pictures, being a wife and mom—oh, and getting caught up on the laundry.

7) What are you reading right now?

Lani: I’m about to start Storm Born by Richelle Mead and eagerly anticipating Mockingjay!

8) Who are a few of your favorite authors?

Lani: Here is a very short list of my favorite authors (in no particular order). Georgette Heyer, Claudia Gray, Libba Bray, Suzanne Collins, Ally Carter, Kelley Armstrong, Janette Rallison, Courtney Summers, Elizabeth Scott, Kristin Cashore and Maggie Stiefvater.


The Book Speaker said...

Thank you for posting this interview!

Unknown said...

AHHHH I wish my copy would ship already - I SOOO want to read this book!!! Wonderful interview!

Jeremy said...

Great interview. I had never heard of this author.

Amber said...

Thanks for the interview! This is a book I'm quite excited about so it was nice getting to know the author a little better!

DJ D. said...

Great interview! Lani Woodland is such a wonderful person and Intrinsical is definitely a magical read. :-)

Lani Woodland said...

Thank you for interviewing me. :)

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