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Author Spotlight: Maurissa Guibord!

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Maurissa Guibord
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1) Could you tell us a bit about yourself.

Maurissa: I live on the coast of Maine with my family and a wicked black cat. My favorite weather is a cold, blustery when I can curl up in front of a fire with a good book. Or scribble down ideas for one!

What was your inspiration in writing Warped?

Maurissa: This is going to sound silly but I was in the library and browsing through the craft section of nonfiction, looking for instructions for crocheting granny squares. (I warned you!) Instead my fingers fell on this book about tapestry. It was The Oak King, The Holly King and the Unicorn: Myths and Symbolism of the Unicorn Tapestries by John Williamson. This book is a brilliant, scholarly exploration of all the folk-lore and religious meanings behind the symbols in the famous Unicorn Tapestries.
Every plant even has a meaning! One of the things he delves into is that the unicorn is sometimes used to symbolize sacrifice- specifically, that of Jesus Christ. In my head, that idea gradually melded into the unicorn actually being a man, trapped in a tapestry. Then I had to work out how that could happen... My book of course, is not deep or scholarly or symbolic. It's more of a romping (or galloping) romantic adventure. But that's where the idea came from. Granny squares.

3) Were there any personal experiences that went in to writing Warped?

Maurissa: Experiences? No not really, but my main character lives in Portland, Maine which is not far from where I live. I got a lot of inspiration from Portland's beautiful seaside location and cool downtown area.

4) Was Tessa's character based on anyone or was she a purely made up character?

Maurissa: She's an independent minded, funny, caring girl- so she's like quite a few teens that I know. But she's just herself.

5) Do you plan to have Warped as a series or a stand alone novel?

Maurissa: Warped is a stand alone story. But there are a couple of loose ends that I may return to in the future. I love the characters, so it would be a pleasure to visit with them again and have another adventure!

6) How did you come up with the cover art for Warped?

Maurissa: The cover art was designed by Trish Parcell, the amazingly talented art director for Delacorte. Originally I had kind of hoped for a unicorn on the cover. But I think this cover is beautiful and intriguing- I love it!

  7) What do you plan on doing in the future?

Maurissa: Right now I'm working on another paranormal story. This one is set on an island off the coast of Maine, with sunken treasure, dangerous reefs, handsome fishermen and sea monsters!

8) What are you reading right now?

Maurissa: I'm reading White Cat by Holly Black.

9) Who are a few of your favorite authors?

Maurissa: So many! I really love and draw on the classics of romantic suspense and mystery that I read as a teen like Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie and Georgette Heyer. Those ladies have taken up permanent shop in my brain and influence everything I do. More recent authors I adore are Suzanne Collins, Preston and Childs and Elizabeth George.

10) Anything you would like to add?

Maurissa: Just good wishes and happy reading! Thanks so much for being interested in Warped. I truly hope you enjoy it.

 By warp and weft I bind thee..." Tessa Brody doesn't believe in magic. Or Fate. But all that changes the day she discovers a dusty unicorn tapestry in a box of old books The wild, handsome creature woven within it draws Tessa, and frightens her too. When she pulls a silver thread from the tapestry, Tessa accidentally releases a terrible secret-one that has been contained for centuries. She also meets William de Chaucy, a young sixteenth-century nobleman with gorgeous eyes, an odd accent and haughty attitude to spare. His fate is as inextricably tied to the tapestry as Tessa's own. Together with Will, Tessa must overcome a crafty, ancient enemy. That is, if she can get along with "his lordship" long enough. And do it before her whole life unravels.


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Thanks for the interview! I'm really looking forward to reading Warped and this just makes me even more excited!

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